Aaron Sprinkle Lackluster

The dictionary defines lacklustre as "lacking in vitality, force or conviction” and that is exactly what the problem is with Aaron Sprinkle’s first release for Tooth & Nail Records. The songs aren’t terrible, and the production is just fine but it is simply a dull record. Lackluster is far from being Sprinkle’s first album — it is actually a compilation of material from his first three full-length records, with a new song thrown in. He is a lot better known for his work behind the scenes, working with the likes of Pedro the Lion, Starflyer 59, Damien Jurado and Beth Orton. But unfortunately his expertise in the studio does not translate into expertise in producing music and Lackluster stays remarkably true to its title with music more reminiscent of Jars of Clay than the bands he has worked with. The one piece of good news is that Lackluster doesn’t sound like a compilation, with the songs working pretty well together despite the fact that they were recorded between 1999 and 2001. Perhaps he should name his next album something a little more inspirational and see if it has a subliminal effect on both himself and his audience. Fingers crossed. (Tooth and Nail)