AAA Battery "Taxi Heart" (video)

AAA Battery 'Taxi Heart' (video)
Canadian pop eccentric Spookey Ruben formed his group AAA Battery a few years ago, releasing their Year of the Woman back in the distant year of 2013. Now Spookey and co. are coming back into our lives with a sophomore effort, and you can get a taste of it with the video for its lead-off single "Taxi Heart."

AAA Battery's new album is dubbed Corrosion of Buddha, and it promises to feature "all the best bits from their debut, mixed with an altered state of consciousness, i.e., awareness of the corrosion, the corrosion of the human spirit and the corrosion of Buddha."

As for "Taxi Heart," Spookey describes the first single as "Softcore Porno for Pyros. L'eggs Benedict. Boing Me Up, Scotty. Maniac Mansion. Jim Morrison heart attack. Group Hug. Shoulder Kiss Blackout. Psychedelic Fungus Among Us. Rusted Leaves, Branches, Twigs. Iced TeaMassacre. Tenderloin VHS Tape."

You can check it out for yourself via the song's new video below.

Corrosion of Buddha is out on vinyl, CD and digitally on November 17 via Resolution Recordings.