A Levitating Turntable Could Make Your Records Defy Gravity

A Levitating Turntable Could Make Your Records Defy Gravity
Whether through making them "high definition" or scratch-free, much has been made about improving vinyl records as a medium. Now, a Slovenian company is looking to improve the turntables we play them on by launching a Kickstarter campaign to create "the first levitating turntable."

Designed for "people who appreciate high quality sound and innovative design," Mag-Lev Audio's turntable uses magnets to suspend the turntable platter in mid-air while the record spins, giving listeners a "better, newer way to experience vinyl records."

The company explained how the futuristic table works on the Kickstarter page:

By using our innovative and patented technology, we were able to achieve not only magnetic levitation, but we've also been able to maintain the incredibly precise turning of the platter with sensor regulating software. Air is the smoothest medium with least amount of friction, which further elevates this project into a truly unique listening experience.

The table will also included retractable feet for the platter to rest upon when turned off, along with a built-in UPS safety system to prevent damage during power outages.

The project will be funded if MAG-LEV receives $300,000 USD by November 21. At the time of publication, the Kickstarter campaign has raised $45,140 from 79 backers. The estimated arrival date of the tables is set for August of next year.

You can view the Kickstarter page here and a teaser clip of the table itself in the player below. 

Thanks to the Vinyl Factory for the tip.