84 You, Me and Infamy

You, Me and Infamy comes rocketing out with the 15-second blast of "Epilogue” before turning it on and churning it out with "Year of the Dog.” This Australian quartet take major cues from proto-punk heroes the Stooges, an influence that really starts to come through with "Bluestone School Road,” which grinds out dirty guitars and rough hewn vocals while riding high on the sounds of another punk predecessor, the MC5. Also drawing strongly from Howling Wolf, Blues Explosion and the Black Keys, 84 have infused an array of sounds and styles into a full-on assault of voluptuous, evocative rock’n’roll full of diffidence and defiance. You, Me and Infamy is a tight full-length debut bursting with unbridled energy, yet it keeps it restrained and focused within the music, to the point where each note bleeds together to form rambling rock’n’roll perfection. (Warthog)