​Unreal Thought

Halifax North Memorial Library, Halifax NS, May 22

​Unreal ThoughtHalifax North Memorial Library, Halifax NS, May 22
Photo: Eric Hill
On a drizzly Halifax afternoon, this scheduled free outdoor gig was moved inside to an unlikely but suitable venue: the children's lit section of the Halifax North Memorial Library. Kicking and punching things off was native Haligonian power punk trio Unreal Thought. Their sound is a blend of old- and middle-school punk with attention to melody and energy, but with an undercoating of arch gloominess; think early era Hüsker Dü meets 45 Grave. 
In a short set that saw drummer Ben and bassist Cody each take vocal turns, they blazed through a selection of fairly straightforward mid-to-uptempo tunes, musically finding their frayed jean pocket and picking it clean of ideas. The plastic dinosaurs and pop-up books looked on approvingly.
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