​Scattered Clouds

St. Alban's Anglican Church, Ottawa ON, February 3

​Scattered CloudsSt. Alban's Anglican Church, Ottawa ON, February 3
Photo: Calum Slingerland
Bathed in the red stage lighting of St. Alban's church to officially open the inaugural Megaphono festival were experimental outfit Scattered Clouds, hailing from across the river in Hull, QC. Though they performed as a duo in the absence of drummer Jamie Kronick, both Philippe Charbonneau and Pierre-Luc Clément were able to deliver a captivating set of psychedelic sounds, creating more noise than one might have thought possible.
Operating a pair of synthesizers run through a glut of pedals, Charbonneau kept busy controlling ambient textures, synth bass lines and his own vocal processing while Clément simply played an electric guitar and sang. Their stormy, swirling psych rock compositions moved effortlessly from one to the next, with Charbonneau even forced to play through a bit of microphone trouble partway through the set. But as complex as their many layers were, it proved to be a relatively tough mix, with certain elements either overpowering or remaining inaudible amongst the others.
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