​Queen City Stoop Kids Café Cleopatra, Montreal QC, November 19

​Queen City Stoop Kids Café Cleopatra, Montreal QC, November 19
Photo: Luke Orlando
Queen City Stoop Kids got better and better as they went at the Café Cleopatra on Thursday night (November 19). The multi-cultural Regina, Saskatchewan fivesome fed off each others' energy as they bounced around the stage, punctuating their bars with group vocals on songs about doing the dishes and "not snitching," which at their age seems to mostly mean not telling someone's parents they smoke weed.

Their performance was equal parts humour and bubbly talent, rapping about going home with a lady to do "con-sens-ual... stuff!" Don't call them conscious — this is fun-loving punch line rap — but the crew definitely lean towards the progressive (their white member covers his mouth when his black counterparts say the n-word).

They've got a long way to come still, in terms of technical ability — a moment in which they rang out a repeated "shots shots shots shots!" ended with them not quite landing the next lyric, and they weren't sometimes a little too on-the-nose with their rhyming patterns — but between their youthful effervescence and obvious love for the culture (they quoted Big K.R.I.T. at one point, among myriad other heroes), it seems like they've got the requisite determination, and passion to boot.