​Prince Innocence

Drake Hotel, Toronto ON, June 17

​Prince InnocenceDrake Hotel, Toronto ON, June 17
Photo: Calum Slingerland
The transition of Toronto duo Prince Innocence from a synth-pop group to something more was on full display as soon as producer Josh McIntyre cued up the opening instrumental. The bright, shimmering sounds of 2013's Lapse EP were seemingly shelved in favour of the pair's hip-hop and R&B influences. Armed with a laptop and MIDI keyboard, McIntyre laid synth leads overtop of booming bass lines and skittering hi-hats, all in preparation for Talvi Faustmann's vocals.
Standing to the right of the stage, Faustmann's voice lilted gently over the thundering production, earning cheers from the crowd for her performance of the UK garage-influenced "I Don't Care." With the stage lights down incredibly low, the two succeeded at creating a mood with their music, rather than themselves. Making up for the duo's reserved stage presence were some impressive, kaleidoscopic grayscale visuals created with a projector and a camcorder — a fitting aesthetic for the duo's new sounds.
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