MAC Salle BWR, Montreal QC, May 30

/||\||\MAC Salle BWR, Montreal QC, May 30
Photo: Kamielle Dalati-Vachon
Sometimes part of the duo Sibian & Faun, /||\||\, aka Milo Reinhardt, premiered his audio-visual dystopian piece as the headliner for MUTEK's free nighttime shows. The first images to emerge from the performance were akin to someone tuning a TV set, alongside high-pitched hums and scraping noises. This eventually evolved to incorporate huge, heavy bass and ominous tones as the screen flickered with stark black and white images of cityscapes and data sheets. /||\||\'s A/V experimentation provoked thoughts of loneliness in a digital age, where technology and information are held as all-important. Needless to say, this was a huge contrast to the 4/4 beats of the room above.
Differing vastly from S&F's releases on UK label Numbers, Reinhardt's MUTEK performance was the work of an artist on the hunt for meaning behind the music, making it more than just something to bob your head to. Although after a while, that was possible too, as the music became more coherent, forming ambient-glitch beats and staggered, brooding techno. The whole project was developed by susy.technology, an artistic collective who make use of interactive media and cyber-culture. After seeing /||\||\'s harrowing MUTEK set, it'll be interesting to see what they come up with next.
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