7 Days of Funk "Hit Da Pavement" (video)

7 Days of Funk 'Hit Da Pavement' (video)
Snoop Dogg and Dâm-Funk's debut as 7 Days of Funk dropped earlier this month, and judging by the slow-rollin' new video for "Hit Da Pavement," the pair are now taking their tunes to the streets.

Scored by a simmering bed of P-Funk-approved grooves, the video finds Snoopzilla behind the wheel of his 6-4 and Dâm-Funk riding shottie, and both get up to no good. Throughout the joyride a couple giant bags of the sickiest, ickiest green are procured from a sidewalk dealer, some ladies get picked up in the Impala, and an outdoor dance party gets underway.

You can peep the pair hitting the pavement down below.