The 6th Letter 'Fresh Baked Goods' (mixtape)

The 6th Letter 'Fresh Baked Goods' (mixtape)
Tonight (July 31), Toronto MC the 6th Letter will perform in his hometown at Tattoo. This show with New York's Bas is part of the newly launched Scion Sessions Mixtape Series, which pairs international hip-hop acts with local talent. This series, as the name indicates, will present new mixtapes, and the 6th Letter's collection can be heard now.

His tape is called Fresh Baked Goods. Half of the eight tracks are credited to the 6th Letter — including the new exclusive "EARTH" — while the rest come from ChillxWill, GOODxJESUS, Lo Thraxx and Raz Fresco. Scroll past the tracklist to hear the 29-minute mix, which is a summery excursion into old-school hip-hop.

In addition to the online stream, a cassette version will be available at future Scion Sessions Mixtape events at Tattoo. Future instalments in the series will receive the same treatment.

Fresh Baked Goods:

1. The 6th Letter - "EARTH" (prod. by AmpLive)

2. The 6th Letter - "1992" (prod. by Raz Fresco)

3. ChillxWill - "Pickin' Pockets (ft. P. Blackk)" (prod. by Figub Brazlevic)

4. GOODxJESUS - "ACIPADACR" (prod. by Satorii)

5. Lo Thraxx - "Live From The Cut" (prod. by Raz Fresco)

6. The 6th Letter - "Chain Smokin'" (prod. by Raz Fresco)

7. Raz Fresco & ChillxWill - "ragTOPz" (prod. by Raz Fresco)
8. The 6th Letter - "Still Twistin'" (prod. by Raz Fresco)