5ive's Continuum Research Project The Hemophiliac Dream

Boston’s ambient drone duo 5ive are all about dynamics and how they interact — heavy and light, soothing and blaring, stark and luscious. As 2001’s The Telestic Disfracture added guest musicians from local acts Milligram and Warhorse, so does The Hemophiliac Dream, in Isis bassist Jeff Caxide. In the 22-minute title track, Ben Carr’s cascading guitar chords are run through various echo and phaser effects to weave a dense web of Pink Floyd-ian atmospherics before Charlie Harrold’s mammoth drum beats crescendo as they skirt Carr’s riffs, like sailing in sight of land. The whole composition recalls the grandiose nature of Floyd’s "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun,” sometimes whispering those sentiments but often loosing them to rain down from acid-filled skies like boulder-sized hailstones, and Caxide’s bass rig simply adds more power to the punch. Harrold runs like the idle control in a demon’s carburettor, cranked to rev higher than usual. The second cut, a 13-minute version of the title track, is remixed and manipulated by none other than Old/Khanate guitarist James Plotkin. His interpretation is both eardrum piercing, like electronic dragons screaming for flesh, and tranquil, like Merzbow piped into neonatal care units. 5ive succeeds yet again with their spacy, noisy, highly addictive mix of loud and soft, and with the added Plotkin remix, exceeds expectations. (Tortuga)