5ive Hesperus

Proving once again that a traditional band setup is unnecessary, somnambulant groove/doom rockers 5ive unleash Hesperus onto the world with stellar results. Comprised only of guitarist Ben Carr and drummer Charlie Harrold, 5ive’s instrumental forays into otherworldly Pink Floyd-meets-Pelican territory are as mind numbing as they are intricate. Allowing the seven tracks on the album to unfold at their own pace, the tunes range from succinct ("Heel” just passes two minutes) to outright vast, as witnessed during 12-minute dirge "News II.” However, despite the minimalist means of delivering these ambient/bombastic tracks, there is absolutely no lack of girth or awkward open spaces. Each moment feels perfectly timed and in character with the mood and atmosphere. In fact, even the lack of a singer warbling away about any one of rock’s innumerable clichés is nothing less than a bonus, allowing for uninterrupted enjoyment of such monolithic pieces. (Tortuga)