4AD Details This Mortal Coil Box Set

4AD Details This Mortal Coil Box Set
Iconic indie imprint 4AD is readying a HDCD box set for their fabled label supergroup This Mortal Coil to be released next month. Appropriately titled HDCD Box Set, the package will contain the band's three albums and a bonus disc compiling singles and unreleased tracks.

The set, which comes out November 8 in North America and November 14 in the UK, will consist of newly remastered versions of 1984's It'll End In Tears, 1986's Filigree & Shadow and their 1991 swan song Blood. The fourth disc, titled Dust & Guitars, not only collects their out-of-print singles, but includes an unreleased cover of Neil Young's "We Never Danced." This last disc will be exclusive to the box.

Each disc will be printed on paper sleeves printed "to the highest standard" by Japan's Ichikudo company and also include inner sleeves and booklets. While the albums feature their original artwork, Dust & Guitars features rare images of "the 'face' of This Mortal Coil," Pallas Citroën, whose intense, glass-eyed stare graced the other albums too. Everything will be cased in a special box, which you can see fancily displayed in the video below.

The outfit, headed by label founder Ivo Watts-Russell and a revolving cast of characters plucked from 4AD acts (the Cocteau Twins, the Breeders) and abroad (Howard Devoto), specialized in haunting, post-goth, chamber music covers of songs by Big Star and the Talking Heads, but also whipped up a number of heady, ambient instrumentals in their time.

Some might remember that This Mortal Coil issued a similar box called 1983-1991 back in 1993, which included a bonus disc containing original versions of the songs the band had covered, but regrettably this won't be a part of the HDCD Box Set.

HDCD Box Set:

CD 1: It'll End In Tears

1. "Kangaroo"

2. "Song To The Siren"

3. "Holocaust"

4. "Fyt"

5. "Fond Affections"

6. "The Last Ray"

7. "Another Day"

8. "Waves Become Wings"

9. "Barramundi"

10. "Dreams Made flesh"

11. "Not Me"

12. "A Single Wish"

CD 2: Filigree & Shadow

1. "Velvet Belly"

2. "The Jeweller"

3. "Ivy And Neet"

4. "Meniscus"

5. "Tears"

6. "Tarantula"

7. "My Father"

8. "Come Here My Love"

9. "At First, And Then"

10. "Strength Of Strings"

11. "Morning Glory"

12. "Inch-Blue"

13. "I Want To Live"

14. "Mama K (1)"

15. "Filigree & Shadow"

16. "Fire Brothers"

17. "Thaïs (1)"

18. "I Must Have Been Blind"

19. "A Heart Of Glass"

20. "Alone"

21. "Mama K (2)"

22. "The Horizon Bleeds And Sucks Its Thumb"

23. "Drugs"

24. "Red Rain"

25. "Thaïs (2)"

CD 3: Blood

1. "The Lacemaker"

2. "Mr. Somewhere"

3. "Andialu"

4. "With Tomorrow"

5. "Loose Joints"

6. "You And Your Sister"

7. "Nature's Way"

8. "I Come And Stand At Every Door"

9. "Bitter"

10. "Baby Ray Baby"

11. "Several Times"

12. "Lacemaker II"

13. "Late Night"

14. "Ruddy And Wretched"

15. "Help Me Lift You Up"

16. "Carolyn's Song"

17. "D. D. And E."

18. "Til I Gain Control Again"

19. "Dreams Are Like Water"

20. "I Am The Cosmos"

21. "(Nothing But) Blood"

CD 4: Dust & Guitars

1. "Sixteen Days / Gathering Dust"

2. "Song To The Siren"

3. "Sixteen Days (Reprise)"

4. "Kangaroo"

5. "It'll End In Tears"

6. "Come Here My love"

7. "Drugs"

8. "Acid, Bitter And Sad"

9. "We Never Danced"

10. "Thaïs (Bird Of Paradise)"