40 Cal Mooga

It is highly recommended that 40 Cal’s Mooga be listened to at top volume. The 16-track album is 40’s fourth full-length and first since 2006’s The Yellow Tape. For fans of mid-’90s NYC street-hop, this may be just what the doctor ordered. Hard beats and venomous lyrics distinguish an album whose name is an acronym for "Money Overceeds Other Gangsta Activities,” which makes one wonder why he bothered with an acronym in the first place. 40 Cal, a Harlem native best known for his ties to Dipset and the Diplomats, chose the soundscape for his album by soliciting submissions via public networking sites such as MySpace. Although there are notable exceptions, most tracks either rely heavily on strings or are primarily synthesizer based. In regards to the latter, what is unique is Cal’s commitment to lyrics, especially when the trend is to prominently feature the hook on cuts with this type of production. There are various standout tracks on Mooga and chances are the listener may have a hard time choosing which one is the strongest. (Gold Dust Media)