400 Colpi Homo Homini Lupus

400 Colpi are yet another newly formed hardcore/metalcore band, thrashing away without the slightest sense of differentiation from the hordes of other scenester bands clogging MySpace. Honestly, this chugga-chugga stuff is getting so indistinguishable I can't even find new things to complain about anymore. If you're really into young dudes yelling over bursts of controlled chaos you might as well just wait for the latest release from Deathwish, because at least then you'll get some genuinely heavy guitar tones, as opposed to the neutered riffs here, which lack any real crunch. 400 Colpi (meaning "400 Blows" in Italian; hey, I think there's a movie with that title!) are obviously passionate about keeping heavy music alive in Italy but they could stand to take a few pointers on dynamics from other Italian hardcore bands — perhaps the Secret for heaviness, and Raein for frantic, in-the-moment excitement. Given the quality of this album though, I'll be happy if they just don't name their next album Shoot the Piano Player. (Chorus Of One)