3rd Degree Step Inside

The first track on here starts out with a Rage Against the Machine-ish build-up, smashing in with the singer doing a nice little tongue roll-"pick it up-up-up" type thing, at which point Biohazard meets Faith No More, goes backstage at the Ozzfest, hooks up with Cypress Hill and smokes something with Ozzy, who slurs some made-up adjectives describing his love for the band, and his love for Black Sabbath, and then the band is on their way. A grainy video is then made with them playing at a bar, it gets played on Loud a few times, and then the band suffers a break-up due to a baffling CanCon phenomenon, "the lack of focus." Local fans are probably into their undoubtedly energetic live show, but those of us outside of Toronto merely look confused, and then look away. (Independent)