The 3D's Collect Early Material on New Anthology

The 3D's Collect Early Material on New Anthology
Dunedin, New Zealand noise pop outfit the 3D's formed back in the late '80s and managed to release a handful of fuzzy records that paved the way for more than a few indie rock luminaries. After initially calling it quits in the late '90s, the band played some reunion gigs. And while records like The Venus Trail and Hellzapoppin' presented a fully formed sound, a new collection points listeners to the band's early days.

A press release explains that Early Recordings 1989-90 is a "selection of tracks from the Dunedin band's formative years." Along with two of the group's early EPs, 1990's Fish Tails and 1991's Swarthy Songs for Swabs, the new set wrangles up a host of demos and recently unearthed recordings that will tip off listeners to the outfit's origins.

A 16-page booklet with liner notes written by Bruce Russell (the Dead C) further details the history of the band. Check out the tracklisting below and the cover above.

Early Recordings 1989-90 comes out June 14 on Flying Nun.

Early Recordings 1989-90:

1. "Meluzina Man" (Pile-Up Version)
2. "First Church"
3. "Evocation of W.C. Fields" (Demo Version)
4. "Ball of Purple Thread"
5. "Evil Kid" (Demo Version)
6. "Sing Song"
7. "Dreams of Herg"
8. "Grimace"
9. "Fish Tails"
10. "Meluzina Man" (Demo Version)
11. "Nimmo's Dream"
12. "The Burrymen" (Demo Version)
13. "Bunny"
14. "Evocation of W.C. Fields"
15. "Ritual Tragick"
16. "Hairs" (Demo Version)
17. "Mud Sacrifice" (EP Version)
18. "Fish Tails" (Demo Version)
19. "Evil Kid"
20. "One Eye Opened" (Demo Version)
21. "Meluzina Man"