3 Inches of Blood Reissue Debut Album

3 Inches of Blood Reissue Debut Album
East Vancouver metal juggernauts 3 Inches of Blood recently announced that they were dropped by their label, Roadrunner Records, and it seems as though they've used the transitional period to reissue their eponymous debut, Battlecry Under a Winter Sun, through Sonic Unyon.

The album, initially released via a very limited run domestically, includes such classic songs as "Ride, Darkhorse Ride" and "Destroy the Orcs," and recalls a time when the band still included the guitar riffing of Pride Tiger's Bobby Froese and Sunny Dhak. For the reissue, the album will also include four tracks from 3 Inches of Blood's demo, which was at one point only available on CD-R in Canada.

As for the band's line-up, it appears to be continuing to shift around, as the 3OB MySpace page lists second vocalist Jamie Hooper as being "on hiatus." While no other information has been given, if Hooper leaves the band for good he will be the final original member to quit, as main vocalist Cam Pipes joined shortly after the band was established.

Battlecry Under a Winter Sun tracklisting:

1. "Ride, Darkhorse Ride"
2. "Destroy the Orcs"
3. "Headwaters of the River of Blood"
4. "Heir to the Chaos Throne"
5. "Skeletal Onslaught"
6. "Journey to the Promiseland"
7. "Lady Deathwish"
8. "Curse of the Lighthouse Keeper"
9. "Blazing Fires of Evermore"
10. "Hall of Heroes"
11. "Balls of Ice"*
12. "Sunrise Over the Fjords"*
13. "Conquerors of the Northern Sphere"*
14. "Onward to Valhalla"*
15. "Tonight We Rejoice"*

* Bonus tracks