3 Inches of Blood Dropped By Roadrunner Records

3 Inches of Blood Dropped By Roadrunner Records
Vancouver-based metalheads 3 Inches of Blood have just been dropped from Roadrunner Records after releasing two of their three albums on the label. In an interview with metal blog Metalsucks, vocalist Cam Pipes explains that he's happy to be rid of the label.

"It was time for them to decide if they were going to pick up the option for the next record," he explains. "They didn't and we're happy about it because we didn't really like being with that label. There was a lot of things inside the label that we didn't like, in terms of how they showed their support for us and how they pushed our band in the press. We really didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things. They're a really big corporate label now owned by Warner, so they're moving strictly in a 'We want to make money' direction and we weren't putting up the numbers that they would have liked to see. We got dropped on the priority list time and time again and then they finally decided that it wasn't economically viable to keep releasing this band. It's enabled us to be a lot more creative on where we want to go.

As for where they'll go next, Pipes added that they'll have a look around. "We're not tied down to a long term contract anymore," he said, "so we can go explore other options and hopefully we'll be a little more free to do certain things with a label that's a lot more focused to promote us in a better way and [is] more geared towards our style."

Pipes goes on to say that, label or no label, the band will forge on through the writing process of their fourth album.

3 Inches of Blood "The Goatrider's Horde"