3 The Ghost You Gave To Me

3The Ghost You Gave To Me
Upon first hearing 3's latest offering, the listener is left bemused, wondering where the heaviness is, like a confused lover fumbling through satin sheets vainly looking for a riding crop. The sound is incredibly poppy, peppered with some metal-y pop punk and even the occasional techno beat. This can initially come off as insipid, like weak tea for someone used to drinking black coffee and whiskey neat. The Ghost You Gave To Me is a bit sleek, soft and easy for those who like difficult music. Then "It's Alive" comes on, leading with a powerful riff and suddenly the album becomes rougher, a bit more complex. When the kid gloves come off, 3 get much more interesting. "Numbers" also has some very strong, groovy riffing; this album is certainly worth digging into, giving a few spins, digesting rather than simply sampling. In addition to some unexpected heaviness, The Ghost You Gave To Me also features some fine, delicate melodies, like sunlight through lace. The melodic passages in "On With the Sun" are spider web elegant. But this album is an eardrum-tickler, all feather dusters and fuzzy handcuffs, which just isn't going to do it for those who like our aural assaults rough, with extra whips and chains. (Metal Blade)