2 Ton Predator Boogie

2 Ton Predator has almost created a new genre with this horribly named release. Whether or not that's a good thing is up to the listener to decide; if you've ever wondered what Pantera would sound like if they were part of the Gothenburg melodic death metal movement, you'll be in heaven with this one. These Swedish lads do a very capable job of their particular brand of metal, whether it's the straight up death and roll or the more serious thrash metal sound. Ultimately, it doesn't mesh too well, as the transition from boozin' party metal to aggro groove thrash just confounds and confuses. Cut about half the length of this album and 2 Ton Predator would be on the path to an aggressive music lover's collection, but then again, we already have Pantera, and this doesn't even come close. There's potential here somewhere, though, and hopefully the band can refine, innovate and impress further next time. (Diehard)