27 Red Make Your Game

Unfortunately not every band will ooze with originality or groundbreaking material, and sometimes it will take a long time before a band stumbles into their own identity with some serious legs to stand on. The aforementioned seems to be the dreaded curse for the 27 Red on their debut release, Make Your Game. Regardless of their charming personalities or their "great” live show, all that comes across on this release is tremendously boring and generic ska. "No Time” or "Tomorrow” would have made a better single, along with the band’s Sting cover of "Rude Boy” as the B-Side. Instead, they released 12 songs of sheer mediocrity. Releases like this remind everyone why the long gone days of demo cassettes were so much better, because it’s truly a shame that so much went into packaging such a dismal recording. (Grover)