25 Greatest Punk Logos Revealed by, Um, Yahoo

25 Greatest Punk Logos Revealed by, Um, Yahoo
You know how Yahoo is the go-to site for, like, everything, right? Well, not really unless you're looking for the lowest common denominator. Reading up on punk rock via Yahoo would be like asking, well, the Germs for a detailed account of American politics. You're not going to get the most insight from 'em.

There is one thing that Yahoo have nailed pretty well, though. That's their list of the 25 greatest punk rock band logos.

Fresh off the presses - well, keyboard - and crafted by Robert of the Radish, it not only gives a tally his personal favourite logos but offers insight into their creation, opinion on their impact and even goes so far as to provide a link to the band's tunes in case you feel like doing a little more digging.

Besides getting some of punk's best outfits some more attention, the list is smart in how it's crafted: subjectively. That way when people bitch that Black Flag's bars logo supersedes the Misfits' Crimson Ghost, Yahoo can point to how it's all personal opinion.

Trust me. I was about to send old Radish Boy a terse email about just that, seeing as there are way more Crimson Ghost t-shirts plugging up concert halls than Flag ones, and even Black Flag were huge Misfits geeks. Then I realized how he says it's his own personal compilation. Ah, he's still got a pretty tight list there regardless.

To check out the full list of the 25 greatest punk rock band logos, which also includes those by Dead Kennedys, Flipper, Minor Threat and others, just click here.

But wait! Who's that driving the car in this Black Flag video for "Drinking And Driving"? Why, it's the Crimson Ghost!