Christopher Tignor

Along a Vanishing Plane

Christopher TignorAlong a Vanishing Plane
Where to start with an artist like Christopher Tignor? He holds a Master's of Computer Science from NYU and a PhD in music composition from Princeton, both of which he employs to the advantage of his music; he's held countless jobs and builds software for Google; he worked for years as a sound tech for NYC clubs; he's a violinist who writes string arrangements for other artists and a composer whose transition into the electronic scene (or his version, at least) looks very different compared to most under the same umbrella.
Tignor's latest release, Along a Vanishing Plane, uses the concept of time as dictated by space on the album to exemplify just what can be created when the entirety of the album transcends traditional recording narratives. A violin, a kick drum and various sources of natural percussion are the only instruments used — no backing tracks, no looping pedals, just an abundance of time over which sound can naturally evolve and fizzle without interference.
Tignor has created a wholly intimate experience here using arrangements that are nearly bare yet entirely consuming. It's a remarkably powerful testament to what can be produced when everything is stripped away, slowed down and allowed to bloom and burst naturally. (Western Vinyl)
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