1997 On the Run

1997’s second album On the Run is disappointing, to say the least. Although both the female and male lead vocals of Kevin Thomas, Caleb Pepp and Alida Marroni work well together and bring a respectable melodic flow to the album, the overall sound is extremely sub-par. Following the likes of Aiden, the Audition and other drab emo bands of our time, On the Run bring nothing new to the crowded table. Probably the most upsetting fact is that the album starts out surprisingly well. Both "One Track Mind, Four Track Heart” and "Dancing With the Devil” are pleasing, in an amateur sort of way. As the album drones on, the tracks slowly become less original, less attractive and completely lose their "wow” factor. The simple fact is there are too many emo bands that sound too much the same, and sadly, On the Run is a cookie-cutter example of this. (Victory)