The 1978ers

People of Today EP

The 1978ersPeople of Today EP
It's been a busy stretch for 1978ers rapper yU who, fresh off a stellar showing with his Diamond District brothers on the group's exceptionally tight, long-awaited sophomore release a couple months back, is already hopping back into the deep with a brand new opus. This time around, the D.C. rhymesmith has teamed with long-time producing partner Slimkat under the official group moniker the 1978ers to deliver People of Today, an intensely soulful affair that gives voice to the common folk while turning a critical eye on the world around us.

That's at least the sense offered here by POT, a three-act primer that backs up yU's biting social commentary with three distinct musical flavours carrying a morning wake-up, midday hustle and evening wind-down feel. Act I's eased-back, bass-hand drum-finger snap combo bursts into Act II's full-on, guitar-led sprint as the rapper lays out a lyrical laundry list of societal struggles, a theme that carries into the EP's more sonically pensive third act. It's a promising framework, and if the forthcoming People of Today LP manages to expand on these critiques in a way that shares stories rather than one long collection of strife examples, it'll definitely be a record worth looking out for. (Mello Music Group)
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