13 Lashes 13 Lashes

Maybe it wasn't the greatest idea for London, ON's 13 Lashes to include their lyrics in the CD liner notes for their debut. The band have considerable musical talent; "We Stand Tall" demonstrates they have done their research, deftly modernizing classic thrash and NWOBHM, à la 3 Inches of Blood, while having the gravitas to add their unique style. But it's pretty obvious the same care wasn't put into the lyrical content. "Its like sitting in a room full of people, when everyone is peaking with everybody but me, can I think to myself for one fuckin' second please?" WTF? Musically, tracks like "Self-Reflections" and "Stolen Identity" are hands-down excellent from a musical perspective, but are marred by a shoddy lyrical delivery and lack of emotional connection to the music. (Independent)