12 Rods Separation Anxieties

The third release from Ohio's 12 Rods is a musical hodgepodge that defies both category and, more interestingly, any reference to a defined time. While possessing the ability to structure and arrange like a pro from Berkeley or Julliard, singer/writer Ryan Olcott can write songs that are reminiscent of some great AM hits of the '70s, more in form and complexity than in imitation. While this could be in large part due to Todd Rundgren as a producer, Olcott has nevertheless provided an interesting template to work with. The band has taken a gamble with someone like Rundgren, as Uncle Todd has been a tad spotty with his own music and production ideas over the last 20 years (self-indulgent, unnecessarily quirky and downright goofy). However, the two have created more hits than misses on this recording, with its flair for interesting musical ideas and turns, and its capacity to evoke a spectrum of emotions. A slow burner that could interest a wide array of music lovers. (BMG)