1080p Teams Up with Olde English Spelling Bee for Multimedia Comp

1080p Teams Up with Olde English Spelling Bee for Multimedia Comp
Vancouver imprint 1080p Collection dropped a mammoth batch of releases in 2014, and this year has been no different with a steady stream of cassettes scheduled so far. Outside of that, the label has taken on an ambitious new endeavour with a multimedia mixtape.

The label's Richard MacFarlane has teamed up with Todd Ledford of Olde English Spelling Bee to release Starting Gate, a new 22-song mix.

The release features tracks from James Ferraro (appearing under the rock moniker the Draculas), MCFERRDOG, Torn Hawk, Moon B, Bryce Hackford and many others. Using the technology available through NewHive, each of the songs comes with its own artwork. The release also utilizes a new typeface designed by Ledford.

The labels explained in a press release: "The title Starting Gate was in part inspired by the anticipation and chaos leading up to each year's Kentucky Derby — the only horse race in America to have a field of 20 horses — wherein they have to add an extra gate just to hold all of the racehorses. Ledford made the comparison when the original 10-song mixtape started bulging at the seams, and ultimately became 22 songs out of excitement for the project."

Check out Starting Gate here or down below the tracklist.

Starting Gate:

1. Katapulto - "This Is The Future" (art by Joe Evans)
2. MCFERRDOG - "Timeless" (art by Terrell Davis)
3. Torn Hawk - "Walken And Wood" (art by Pill Pop)
4. Moon B - "Lifeworld – Clip 7″ (art by "Mrs. Sonny Crockett")
5. Limited - "Union Square Poet" (art by Katie Raffa)
6. Touch Systems - "Total Commitment" (art by Keith Rankin)
7. Hurrikane Ike - "Jeepers" (art by Hurrikane Ike)
8. Delia Gonzalez - "Hidden Song" (art by J. Reed)
9. Alice Cohen - "Looking Glass" (art by OESB)
10. The Great Void - "Shift Age" (art by Johnny Woods)
11. Scientific Dreamz Of U - "Ascension Protocol {Emancipation in the Grid}" (art by Joslyn Crocco)
12. Casimer & Casimir - "The Somnambulant Runner" (art by Sam Rolfes)
13. Constellation Botsu - "Botsu 385/384/387/389″ (art by Oomunetaka)
14. James Ferraro (as The Draculas) - "Lies" (art by Joslyn Crocco)
15. Mirage - "Children Games" (art by OESB)
16. Mechanick Preachers - "IMAGES.JPG" (art by B O'Grady)
17. Giant Claw - "Starship Silk" (art by Keith Rankin)
18. BumGarden - "Go Home Now (ft. Pocono Princess)" (art by Alison Holt)
19. Friendly Chemist - "March of the Bog Lily (Clapapella)" (art by Fucktoy Forever)
20. Cologne - "The Charleston" (art by Danny Lane)
21. Wywy Brix & Xiao Feng - "Escitalo" (art by Katie Raffa)
22. Bryce Hackford - "Dreams" (art by Hurrikane Ike)