1-Speed Bike Someone Told Me Life Gets Easier in Your 50's

If you imagine "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” recorded on acid over some punk-y breaks and compressed atmospheric feedback loops that pretty much covers the first track on this album. What follows is even stranger: predominantly glitch-core but always feeling like it’s holding back for something a touch more traditional. Created by Aidan Girt, drummer for Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the music is fascinating though definitely something that grows on you. The track names are madlibs gone frantic, such as the exceptional "Shoving the Guardian up My Ass While Binge Drinking with a Hoodie On,” but they suit the theme more effectively than sensible names anyway. After an hour of relentless sound as each track runs seamlessly into the next, there is an uneasy silence before you realise that you think you liked it and put it back on to make sure. (Broklyn Beats)