LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures PS3 / Xbox 360

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures PS3 / Xbox 360
Remember in Raiders of the Lost Ark when that Egyptian dude does all the knife tricks and then Indy just shrugs and shoots him dead? Well, Lego Indiana Jones is essentially an entire game operating on that same level of sublime ridiculousness.

Much like the two Lego Star Wars games that preceded it, this pop-culture mash-up lets you (and possibly a friend in co-op) run through a lightly parodic, family-friendly (no swastikas or ripped-out hearts allowed here) toybox version of Indy’s three original films. Temple of Doom actually comes off better here than on celluloid, perhaps because of that out-of-control mine cart chase and because Asian whiz kid Short Round is playable.

But though the franchise’s recent middling revival inspired this synergistic release, at least you don’t have to worry about dealing with aliens, crystal skulls or an aged archaeologist. Of course, just because the Indy minifigure is eligible for a senior’s discount doesn't mean Indy won’t fall apart at the worst moments. And I mean literally. Each and every death results in Indy breaking into a whack of Lego pieces. Of course, everything here breaks into pieces. It’s Lego.

Still, there isn’t too much to the game beyond fan service — for both acolytes of George Lucas’ retro-adventurer and of Sweden’s building block toys — but sometimes that’s enough. Sure, the novelty of these Lego satires — inspired by the online stop-motion Lego animation phenomenon — has worn slightly thin, especially in this case since whips simply aren’t as cool as light sabres. But Indy fans should still get a kick out of playing their favourite scenes, from rolling boulders to holy grails, while solving puzzles and smashing Nazis into itty-bitty Lego bricks.

Plus, it will whet appetites for the upcoming Lego Batman. (Traveller's Takes/LucasArts)