Fat Princess PS3

Fat Princess PS3
Online multiplayer has been all the rage the past few years and whether playing as space marines, terrorists or Russian mobsters, most modern single-player games also offer their own high-tech take on playground favourite Capture the Flag.

Fat Princess offers only this. But they've added a hilarious twist to "capture the princes." The best way to keep the other team's royal dame kidnapped is to keep her corpulent. Stuff her with cake and the more Beth Ditto-esque she is, the harder she is to move.

Yes, it is just that silly, and blissfully so. Despite the cartoonish look, this brightly-coloured, download-only game, which can be played solo at home or online with up to 32 others, is deceptively rich in complexity. And blood. Cartoon blood, but still adorably gory.

The game has five upgradable classes (mage, warrior, worker, archer and priest) that you can change with the simple donning of a new hat. Currently, the online matches are pretty chaotic with people running every which way rather than working together. But strategies will evolve over time as players get used to the eight maps and suss out better ways to win using bombs, catapults and, of course, cake.

The single-player game, however, is only useful for learning the ropes and the story of how these two princesses got so damned pudge because the AI bots are next to useless. Like cake itself, Fat Princess is designed to deliver instant gratification. Just don't expect it to be a full meal and you'll be satisfied. (Titan Studios/Sony)