Cineplex to Bring Competitive Gaming to a Theatre Near You

Cineplex to Bring Competitive Gaming to a Theatre Near You
Do you ever find yourself watching some dorks on Twitch and wishing that you could be having that experience in a giant theatre with a large group of people? That's weird as hell, but Cineplex is hoping that you'll show up when they start live streaming video game competitions to their various theatres.

As the CBC reports, the company has invested a whopping $15 million USD into competitive gaming. The company acquired the assets of WorldGaming, a tournament platform from the United States. They've now set up a competitive gaming league of their own, which will begin hosting tournaments next month.

The plan is to set up competitions in person, with gamers posted up in front of the big screen as they play away. The gaming competitions will also be live broadcast to other Cineplex theatres around the country. In other words, it's basically the climax of The Wizard in real life.

"People want to be face to face with each other and compete, and other people want to watch them play," Cineplex CEO Elis Jacob said in a statement. "It's very big phenomenon and I think that all that is needed in Canada is for a brand like ours to embrace it and work with other companies on promotion."

It seems like the perfect time for me to challenge anyone in Canada to a game of Dr. Mario. You're dead meat.