YouTube Is Finally Addressing Its Pedophile Problem

The site says it has deleted 150,000 videos targeted by pedophiles and disabled comments for 625,000 videos
YouTube Is Finally Addressing Its Pedophile Problem
Unmonitored use of YouTube is undoubtedly a sketchy idea for children, but the threats go far beyond some unlicensed Frozen movies. A number of advertisers have expressed concerns that the video service is being overrun with sexual predators, and now YouTube is taking action.

According to Variety, YouTube said it has deactivated 150,000 videos featuring children because their comments sections had been overrun with pedophiles.

Further, the company says it has disabled comments on an additional 625,000 videos for the same reasons. In an effort to avoid repeat offenders, it has also terminated the accounts of several hundred accounts that posted "predatory comments on videos featuring minors."

In addition to targeting commenters, the site said it has removed ads from approximately 2 million videos and 50,000 channels that were "masquerading as family-friendly content."

The move follows a major advertiser backlash as companies like Adidas, Deutsche Bank, HP, Mars, Diageo and Cadbury have frozen spending on the company after their ads were included before videos with inappropriate content or comments. HP told Variety that it cancelled all campaigns with the company when its ad "was placed in a terrible and inappropriate context."

Further, according to BuzzFeed News, YouTube's search bar was autofilling its "how to" search bar with shockingly offensive phrases like "how to have sex with your kids." The autocorrect has since been scrubbed from the site. 

YouTube appears to be working hard to counter child abuse on the site in its various forms. Among the many channels shut down was the popular "Toy Freaks" channel, which many deemed disturbing as a dad placed his daughters in bizarre and often inappropriate situations.