Xavier Dolan Reportedly Joining Quebecois Sketch Comedy Show

Xavier Dolan Reportedly Joining Quebecois Sketch Comedy Show
Quebecois filmmaker Xavier Dolan simply refuses to slow down. The 26-year-old already has five films under his belt as director, with Juste La Fin Du Monde expected to arrive next year. That's not to mention his acting career, or side gigs like directing this unspeakably popular Adele video. Proving he's a true renaissance man, the performer's next rumoured project sees him foraying into the world of sketch comedy.

Indiewire points to an exclusive scoop from Huffington Post Quebec, revealing that Dolan is in talks to join the cast of a new late-night sketch comedy show. Dolan is rumoured to be signing on as a performer and writer.

The series is called Un show la nuit and will pair interview segments with sketch comedy. The show's confirmed cast includes Mathieu Bouillon, Jean-Philippe Durand, Patrick Dupuis and Pascale Renaud-Hébert.

Speaking on the cast, Dolan said, "I was extremely impressed by the quality of their humour on stage in their sketches, their dialogues, their improvisations."

Keep an eye out for Un show la nuit next year.