Wild Boyz: The Complete Second Season Uncensored

Back with a second season of travelling to exotic places in order to molest and irritate God's creatures, Steve-O (the emotional, vomitus one) and Chris Pontius (the giggly one) prove that what we saw in the first season was nothing. This time they trek to Kenya, Brazil, Indonesia and Florida in order to participate in ancient customs and meddle with nature. Combining their Jackass-brand antics with educational information, the duo definitely know how take dangerous situations and turn them into laugh-a-thons. Most commendable is their piss-taking homoeroticism that borders on deadpan and outright absurdity, with Steve-O occasionally adding comments about his dad's disapproval. Their ability to find the right creature for the dumbest, most hazardous stunt is as masterful, as is their "no brain, all balls" nerve. In this season, they recruit Johnny Knoxville and Wee Man to help them keep the Jackass glory alive. In Florida, where they swim with the lemon shark ("the fruitiest shark in the sea"), Steve-O is in his glory as he water-skis in the everglades with crocs, has a bull whip snap a wiener out of his ass, and is stung in the genitalia by a school of jellyfish. East Africa finds them starting a band with harmonica and tambourine playing elephants, being threatened by a silverback gorilla (which they deem a "horrible idea") and hire a rock python to give them tattoos. The best moment, however, is their run-in with the evil and vicious wombat, which chases them around to the Benny Hill theme. And seeing that MTV isn't willing to air everything the Wild Boyz get into, a delicious buffet of extras has been included. Forty minutes of bonus segments contain some great unused footage, like fishing for eagles and hawks with the bait's line attached to their wieners, swimming in a tiny pool with a horde of saltwater crocs and tasting coffee made from the shit of a Masked Japanese Silocat. Outtakes are generous as well, as is look behind the scenes in "Wild Boyz Unclothed," which shows all of the preparation that goes into filming such barmy adventures. Plus: Encyclopaedia, trivia game, bite list. (MTV/Paramount)