The Whistle (Short) Grzegorz Zariczny

The Whistle (Short) Grzegorz Zariczny
Marcin, a novice-league football referee struggles to be taken seriously. Though his whistle and his ability to control the game denotes implicit power, his tenuous approach to the task leaves the players stepping all over him and questioning his every decision.

At home, his mother and family prod him about future ambitions. Perhaps he should further his education to avoid a life of manual labour, or perhaps he should hone is referee skills, or at least strive for more within that industry.

Regardless, Marcin is at an adult crossroads where life decisions need to be made, which, when contemplating the nature of certainty, closing off possibilities, or even focusing attention on something you're indifferent to, is terrifying.

Polish director Grzegorz Zariczny's short film, The Whistle, isn't particularly astounding in execution or structure. Using a hand-held aesthetic and a repetitive narrative, driving home Marcin's limited ambition, he draws more of a metaphor than a character portrait.

Under a Communist regime, Marcin would be fine performing his current job. But in a Capitalist society, the expectation is that of constant ambition and growth. What The Whistle looks to examine is what this means to today's youth in the midst of a changing political landscape. (Studio Munka)