What's Streaming on Netflix Canada This Month

What's Streaming on Netflix Canada This Month
"Netflix & chill" might be popular millennial vernacular for hooking up for casual sex, but some of us genuinely want to watch movies and TV shows without worrying about our performance in the sack. For those of you celebrating a celibate September, there are plenty of options hitting the Canadian iteration of the streaming service this month.

The top choice for a Netflix original film is certainly the long-anticipated Keith Richards: Under the Influence (landing on September 25), which follows the life story of the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist. At the exact opposite end of the spectrum, there's also the launch of the first season of Veggie Tales: In the House, Netflix's update on the long-running Christian CGI cartoon, on September 25. Something for everyone!

Along with Deep Web and the upcoming Frank Zappa documentary, filmmaker Alex Winter (formerly Bill S. Preston of Bill & Ted) was also responsible for something called Smosh: The Movie, which appears to be an adaptation of a popular YouTube web series. Find out exactly what the hell is going on when it hits Netflix Canada on September 22.

Mark Wahlberg shows off the vast extent of his repertoire when he plays a stoic, straight-faced shooter in Shooter (landing on September 1) and a stoic, straight-faced gambler in The Gambler (landing on September 27).

Other highlights include Interstellar (September 11), Selma (September 20), Jackass: Number 2 and Jackass 2.5 (September 1), The Muppets (September 1) and I Am Legend (September 1).

Here are even more titles hitting the service this month:

September 1:

Exodus: Gods and Kings 
Public Enemies 
Mamma Mia! 
Body of Lies
Ocean's Twelve

The Departed 
The Hangover
The Purge
Batman Begins
Freaky Friday
The Fox and the Hound 
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Ice Princess
Lilo & Stitch
Meet the Robinsons
Nanny McPhee Returns
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Shark Tale

September 3:

September 6:

September 15:
The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco
The Aristocats
The Rescuers
The Princess and the Frog

September 18:
The Imitation Game