What's Streaming on Netflix Canada in November

What's Streaming on Netflix Canada in November
As winter approaches, you have more excuses than ever to stay home, lay around and absent-mindedly binge watch movies and TV. If Netflix happens to be your audiovisual drug of choice, we've got you covered with a guide to what's coming and going from the service this month. Slap on a Netflix and chill condom and dig in.

It's a huge month for comedy in the realm of Netflix's original programming. Aziz Ansari's highly anticipated (and critically lauded) new series Master of None arrives in full on November 6. Then, on November 13, the Mr. Show reunion W/ Bob & David delivers its first season.

Adding to the laughs in John Mulaney, who delivers a new standup special on November 13. It's called The Comeback Kid, which we can only assume is a reference to him bouncing back from his ill-fated sitcom.

Marvel fans are frothing at the mouth for the arrival of the new series Jessica Jones, which delivers its episode payload on November 20. There's also the worldwide release of the British crime show River, arriving on November 18.

As for non-exclusives, there's a typically mixed bag of movies and television series hitting the service. Fans of New York and the arts will appreciate the arrival of some documentaries. The street photography doc Everybody Street hits the service on November 1, while Banksy Does New York lands on November 15.

If you're craving some M. Night Shyamalan, you'll be able to relive the classics with The Sixth Sense and Signs, both of which arrive on November 1.

It's also a decent time for a handful of acclaimed flicks. The fun, violent Kingsman: The Secret Service will hit on November 1, followed by Noah Baumbach's hipster case study While We're Young on November 5.

Other movies hitting Netflix include O Brother, Where Art Thou? (November 1), The Pardon (November 1), R.I.P.D. (November 1), Fast & Furious 6 (November 1), The Seven Five (November 14), Veronica Mars (November 1), American Heist (November 21), Grudge Match (November 25), Home (November 25) and many others.

There are a few notable titles leaving the service at the end of the month as well. If you haven't finished Dawson's Creek, you may want to have an emotionally taxing marathon to get through it by November 1. Similarly, you'll have to power through Gossip Girl by November 15 if you want to find out the fate of Dan Humphrey. 

The movies Bruce AlmightyLeap YearMy Sister's KeeperPride & PrejudiceScarface and X-Men: First Class will also disappear on November 1, with Snakes on a Plane exiting the service on November 28.