'Westworld' Co-Creator Jonathan Nolan Plans to Release Season 2 Spoilers Before It Airs

'Westworld' Co-Creator Jonathan Nolan Plans to Release Season 2 Spoilers Before It Airs
HBO's Westworld was divisive among critics, but fans were galvanized around a series of elaborate online theories about what the hell was actually going on in the show. Because of the online discourse, however, a great deal of spoilers wound up all over the web. As such, co-creator Jonathan Nolan has an unorthodox plan as the show heads into Season 2.

On his Reddit page, the showrunner announced that he plans to release a video spoiling all of the twists and turns of the season's plot before it begins airing.

UPDATE (4/10, 12:30 p.m. EDT): It turns out the whole spoiler plan was nothing but an elaborate prank from Nolan and the Westworld crew. Read more about it all here.

He compared the decision to Game of Thrones, where fans have already read the books and can therefore protect secrets from leaking out if they feel like it.

Check out Nolan's full post below, and look forward to an either spoiler-free or spoiler-heavy Season 2 to launch on April 22. 

Many thanks for your great questions and thoughts. As I've said before, I've been a member of the reddit community for years (no I'm not going to share my original username…). And I greatly enjoyed watching the friendly folks at this subreddit guess the twists and turns of the season.

It creates a larger problem for us, though, in terms of the way your guesswork is reported online. 'Theories' can actually be spoilers, and the line between the two is confusing. It's something we've been thinking about since last season. The fans of Game of Thrones, for instance, rallied around and protected the secrets of the narrative in part because they already knew those secrets (through season 5).

We thought about this long and hard, and came to a difficult (and potentially highly controversial) decision. If you guys agree, we're going to post a video that lays out the plot (and twists and turns) of season 2. Everything. The whole sordid thing. Up front. That way the members of the community here who want the season spoiled for them can watch ahead, and then protect the rest of the community, and help to distinguish between what's 'theory' and what's spoiler.

It's a new age, and a new world in terms of the relationship between the folks making shows and the community watching them. And trust is a big part of that. We've made our cast part of this decision, and they're fully supportive. We're so excited to be in this with you guys together. So if this post reaches a 1000 upvotes we'll deliver the goods.

Hasta victoria siempre!

Jonah and Lisa