We're the Millers [Blu-Ray] Rawson Marshall Thurber

We're the Millers [Blu-Ray] Rawson Marshall Thurber
The summer's surprise broad and bawdy hit comedy smuggles a treasure trove of bonus content into its high definition crevices for release on Blu-Ray. Available to watch in both unaltered theatrical form and an extended unrated edition, We're the Millers is so improvisation-heavy that any fan of this brand of humour will enjoy every additional minute of flippant filth and random pop culture references.

Unsurprisingly, nothing is added to the simple story of a small-time pot dealer assembling a fake family of misfits to help him smuggle a massive shipment of dope across the boarder from Mexico — all the additions involve genital piercings and other sexual asides deemed a little too much by conservative censors more comfortable with head wounds than vaginas.

Since the plot has very little influence on the enjoyability of the film — gee, I wonder if they'll all get along by the end or if Ed Helms' eccentric drug lord douchebag character will feed them to his office orca? — it's easy to get a lot out of the abundant outtakes permeating almost every pore of the supplemental features. Even the reasonably drab behind the scenes features on wardrobe ("Miller Makeovers") and the family RV ("Rollin' in the RV") contain at least a few alternate line readings certain to induce chuckles.

The rest of the special features range from mildly amusing ("Road Trippin'" and "Don't Suck Venom," the latter of which regards Will Poulter's show stopping enflamed testicle) to odd ("I Am Pablo Chacon" and fake expose "When Paranoia Sets In") to alternate jokes as hilarious as anything else in the movie. These golden goose eggs include "Livin' It Up With Brad," "Millers Unleashed" (which is actually a feature on the subject of outtakes and includes many illustrative examples), and "Stories from the Road," which deals with Jennifer Aniston's comfort playing a stripper, with a side of additional hilarity from Kathryn Hahn and Jason Sudeikis. Speaking of Kathryn Hahn, she's a fountain of mirth in the deleted scenes and "Gags and More Outtakes," with talk of "riding a cotton pony" and her "shallow vagina." That's a heck of a lot funnier than the numerous alternate versions of negotiations over who's going to suck off Luis Guzman or Jennifer Aniston shouting "big black dick" repeatedly. (Universal)