We Are Your Friends Trailer

We Are Your Friends Trailer
Zac Efron has officially finished his evolution from squeaky voiced High School Musical tween to hulked out beefcake bro. And what do tanktop-wearing bros like to listen to the most? EDM, of course. As such, Efron's next flick is all about that bass.

"If you're a DJ, all you need is a laptop, some talent and one track." That's the takeaway from the trailer for We Are Your Friends, a new coming-of-age film about some college bros in search of both the drop and the meaning of life.

There are fedoras, bikini-clad butts and plenty of parties. There's also a part where Zac Efron does field recordings on an iPhone before performing at an American Apparel warehouse rave.

If you're a real-life DJ, listening to Zac Efron talk about BPMs is probably going to ruin your life, but the trailer also suggests the movie could be a hilarious trainwreck.

Watch the trailer for We Are Your Friends below. The bass drops on August 28.