Washington State Gets Permanent "Welcome to Twin Peaks" Sign

Washington State Gets Permanent "Welcome to Twin Peaks" Sign
Photo by Don Detrick
David Lynch and Mark Frost have successfully kept the weirdness alive with Season 3 of Twin Peaks, proving that the fictional town and its many inhabitants are eternal. As such, the city of Snoqualmie, WA, has installed a permanent "Welcome to Twin Peaks" sign.

As the aptly titled Welcome to Twin Peaks fan site reports, the sign was installed at 441471 SE Reinig Rd., the same road where David Lynch planted the handpainted sign to shoot Dale Cooper's entrance into town.

The replica of the sign was created by Sally Rackets with Snoqualmie Arts Commission and the Art Gallery of SnoValley and officially installed yesterday (May 31).

Prior to the installation, the "Welcome to Twin Peaks" sign was only on display during the annual Twin Peaks Festival. Now, it'll be a TV nerd tourist attraction year-round.