Waiting… Rob McKittrick

In a featurette on this DVD, writer/director Rob McKittrick describes Waiting… as "less good writing as it is good chronicling," and he's completely right. Nail on the head. There's no denying this first feature film by the director had "Razzies" written all over it, but Waiting… is about giving an accurate depiction of the all-American family restaurant, it's always colourful — be it bored or just hateful — staff and the nasty goings on occur in the kitchen. As Dane Cook (who plays the cook Floyd) says, "there is no story," and he's mostly right. But if you can set aside your decency and remember that this film is purely designed as a 90-minute vehicle for gross-out comedy, you'll laugh — out loud and often. Though a minor plot involving waiter Dean (Justin Long) looking to either accept a managerial role or get out of dodge is established from the outset, it's not that important to the film, which ties up its loose ends without any kind of obligatory closure. Ryan Reynolds, the obvious attraction for the film, is in top form, parading around his usual smart-ass whit, but McKittrick's given him such golden material to work with that it makes it one of the actor's best comedic performances to date. Packaged as a two-disc set, the extras almost overshadow the film. Cook steals the show in the glut of featurettes, claiming Reynolds wasn't actually in the film and it was simply his screen time from Van Wilder CGI-ed in. McKittrick stuffs the extra disc to overflowing with deleted scenes (Luis Guzman telling John Francis Daley to "wash your hands a lot" and a steak down the pants stand out), outtakes and a second featurette made up entirely of sharing everything you need to know about the 90-minute film, including interviews with cast and crew. Best of all is the priceless diva fit by Guzman, who refuses to cooperate with the director and walks out on the set, as his fellow cast members look on in shock. Of course, it's all an act premeditated by the pair, but it's the best acting you'll find on this DVD. Plus: commentary, alternate takes. (Maple)