The Vow Michael Suscy

The Vow Michael Suscy
This Valentine's Day weekend, many women will bring their tissues and reluctant significant others to see The Vow, a romantic drama miraculously based upon true events that's blatantly marketed to cash in on Valentine's Day weekend box office sales.

Although not based on a nauseating Nicholas Sparks-inspired vehicle, the film will definitely be mistaken for one, as former Nicholas Spark alumni Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum star in this sappy tear-jerker about a happily married hipster couple (Paige and Leo) whose union takes a hit (literally and figuratively) after a car accident sends Paige through a windshield, leaving her with no memory of her relationship with Leo.

By this point, viewers already know of the love previously shared between the two, as they're forced to witness a flashback montage of eye-rolling romantic clichés, such as Leo declaring his love to Paige while standing in the rain, the pair reading their wedding vows off menus from the first restaurant they went to and let's not forget Paige's twisted level of devotion to Leo, rolling up the car window after Leo passes gas in the vehicle.

Without any memory of her marriage, the once hipster, artist, vegetarian reverts to the pompous, meat-eating, WASP she was previously, while also trying to win back the affections of her former fiancé (Scott Speedman) despite the fact that she's still clearly married to a very devoted man. Tears, predictable sub-plots and gratuitous shots of Channing Tatum's chest and backside follow.

While The Vow is yet another cookie cutter romantic drama only someone who exists on an excessive level of estrogen could ever deem as exceptional, it's certainly not insufferable. In spite of the fact that the film is full of unoriginal, staple ingredients frequently used in the genre, there is definitely some entertainment value in watching the actors' surprisingly natural chemistry. In fact, there's a monologue involving Leo's character that's wince inducing, but for the right reasons ― something that can't be said of Channing Tatum's previous efforts.

The Vow may lack originality, but the star power and non-cop out ending make this film a tolerable watch for the Valentine's Day season. (Sony)