Visionaries Audiovisual

The Visionaries' first foray into the audio-visual world is an exceptional promo tool, but not much more. There's really only two parts to this DVD. The first is basically a promotional documentary on the Visionaries that attempts to sell the group more than anything else. It mostly reveals that this six-man hip-hop crew is not a fabricated entity but a natural occurrence. The second portion is composed of live segments of one or two songs of varying qualities from a number of different gigs. The Visionaries demonstrate a powerful catalogue of hip-hop jams with a couple of underground anthems. However, with two crew albums and a lot of solo work, there should be no reason for the repeat songs. And some of the recording quality is just not deserving of DVD treatment. What would improve this DVD is a more in-depth look at the group and the individual members that make up this interracial Benetton ad waiting to happen, as well as videos to some of the songs. (Up Above,