Uwe Boll Opens High-End Restaurant in Vancouver

Uwe Boll Opens High-End Restaurant in Vancouver
Having already conquered the world of film with esteemed titles like BlubberellaPostal, the In the Name of the King trilogy and dozens of other hated B-movies, filmmaker Uwe Boll has found a new calling. Specifically, he's opening a high-end restaurant in Vancouver's Gastown neighbourhood.

Speaking with BC Business earlier this week, the cult German film director opened up about his new spot. It's called Bauhaus, and it's located at 1 West Cordova.

Boll said he plans to improve on Vancouver's culinary scene. "You get in Vancouver a lot of good food, but you're not getting exceptional food.... The craftsmanship is way bigger in Europe. [Chefs say things like] cut that broccoli in that form, and they check the 10 broccolis, and if they don't look exactly the same, they kill you. You're a fucking loser."

According to BC Business, the location for Bauhaus went under a seven-figure renovation. Its star chef is Stefan Hartmann, who previously ran the Michelin star restaurant Hartmanns. A suggestion, if we may — why not serve a sheep dish? They could call it the "ewe bowl."

Though it's unclear exactly when Bauhaus will open, it appears that money is not an issue for Boll, who's spending like crazy to get the restaurant ready to open. "I am deep in the hole," Boll told the magazine. "But I talked to various restaurateurs in Vancouver, and everyone who's successful told me go big or forget it." Going big includes handmade, marble tables, and Boll adds there is "cutlery from Germany coming. One spoon is $100. We really go all the way."