Undergrads: The Complete Freshman Season

Undergrads was the victim of its target audience: the show was wildly successful amongst (you guessed it) college undergrads, a group that watched the show mainly on computer screens, cutting advertisers out of the loop and spelling the show's demise. Because of this, only 13 episodes of the show were made and they're all available on The Complete Freshman Season DVD. The two-disc set comes with a couple perks, including a long interview with show creator Pete Williams. The interview is mainly about the show's beginnings (Williams based the show on his own college experiences), and although it is interesting for a bit, the story soon becomes boring. The DVD also features a "choose your own adventure"-style game, with the option of designing your own version. However this game is also available on the Undergrad's website, making it useless DVD filler here. Also advertised as a special feature is commentary from Pete Williams, but I was unable to figure out how to turn this on, and, although I'm willing to admit I may be a moron, turning on the commentary has never been a problem for me on any other DVD. In the end though, the most important thing is the episodes, all 13 of them. And if you like Nitz's socially awkward adventures and his quirky friends, you can watch them over and over again in DVD form. Plus: voice recording session footage, interview, commentary, more. (VSC, www.videoservicecorp.com)