Trailer Park Boys: The Complete Fourth Season

In what is a rare occurrence in television, a show actually increased in quality as it increased in popularity. Trailer Park Boys went from a Canadian cult-classic to negotiating lucrative deals south of the border, and the writing in its fourth season is some of the series' best, and the flow of the interaction between the tenants of Sunnyvale is fluid. Though it's quite apparent that the scripts are off the top of the dome, the improvised banter and cuss-filled debates between Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are fine-tuned and delivered in a smoother fashion than past seasons. How else can you explain Lahey's ability to string a shit analogy together with such ease? It was as if the buzz circling this fantastic show made everyone step up their game, rather than ease back, which should have been expected since pretty much everyone involved has that small town mentality Canada can relate to. Season four was also one of the more daring and unbelievable chapters in the best television export this country has seen in ages. We have a childhood puppet named Conky that possesses Bubbles, turning him borderline psychotic, a giant weed-eating cougar named Steve French and one of the most elaborate and over-the-top season finales the show has ever left us hanging with. With only eight episodes on two discs, you can expect a lot of extras, and we're presented with some humorous deleted scenes, including an impressive freestyle from J-Rocc (Jonathan Torrens) while trying to mack the ladies of his ghetto rub and tiz-zug. A tongue-in-cheek interview with the producers and director gets tiresome and certain extras, such as deleted scenes, alternate takes and lost interviews, could have easily all been rolled into one for convenience, but it doesn't really matter. Watching ten minutes of loose footage just makes you want to get to an actual episode where everything comes together. Plus: episode commentary. (Alliance Atlantis)